Monday, September 18, 2017

The Board of Supervisors had a joint meeting on 9-11-17 with the Swisher Council and Mayor. We talked about roads, trails, law enforcement, fringe areas, the library and so much more. It is just nice to spend some time together and get to knoww each other a bit.

Thank you Swisher.

This big business tax break from a few years ago has resulted in higher property taxes for homeowners and has taken individual income taxes to fund the limited backfill to local government. Higher property taxes. Income tax going to corporate tax cuts, not state services. Local government reduction in revenues and services. Zero reduction in rent, zero reduction in utilities cost, zero reduction in product costs.
This was a terrible deal for Iowa families.
When Des Moines and DC talk tax breaks, you can bet it will not end well for individual middle class tax payers.
I just added 20 meetings totaling a bit over 50 hours to my calendar for budget meetings. I love financial reports and budget time.