Monday, November 5, 2018

I would appreciate your vote!

I would appreciate one of your two votes for Johnson County Supervisor.

I care:

- about social justice and civil rights
- about people living in poverty, about the hungry, the lack of affordable housing and health and mental health care for all.
- about climate change, clean water and clean air.
- recreation, trails and conservation.
- good roads, bridges, buses and trains, but also alternative and newly emerging transportation options.

I believe:

- County Government has a role to play in making Johnson County more caring, more welcoming and more livable for all of us.
-goverment should be transparent and open.
- budgets should be responsible and balanced.

I will stand with and fight for:

- people being targeted and marginalized.
- civil and human rights.
- for the LGBTQ community.
- for immigrants.
- for human compassion.
- for people with disabilities.
- for people living in poverty.
- for safety from violence.
- for collective bargaining.
- for the environment.

I'm a proven, liberal, innovative, leader and I would greatly appreciate your vote.

Thank you Veterans

Johnson County Veterans Affairs put on another great event at Kinnick on Saturday honoring Veterans. Thanks to all the sponsors, County staff and volunteers that made it possible. Gary Boseneiler is a caring and innovative Veterans Affairs Director.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Congratulations to CWJ

Congratulations to the Center for Worker Justice on their new offices and community space on 1st Ave (behind the Ave Club). They had their open house today and started out strong with 3rd year law students volunteering to help immigrants with their legal needs.

It is an honor to work with CWJ on so many issues from raising minimum wage and Community ID to wage theft and supporting immigrants.

My favorite line from the musical Hamilton is, "immigrants, we get the job done." I think that could be written about the founders and members of CWJ. I am inspired by their determination and activism.