Sunday, October 15, 2017

Below is a reply I released to the media today about my second term in office ending next year and a primary candidate announcement today.
I think people have campaign fatigue and so for me it is a little too early to talk about elections next year. I have come to believe campaigns are too long and too wasteful of money that could be better used to help people, so I will hold off for awhile thinking about my future. I'm really focused on helping people in need and how local government can lead in these troubling days both with the state and federal governments failing our residents. For now, I'll leave re-election consideration for another day.
I will be at the Homecoming Parade on Friday as I have been for 9 years for my own campaign and another 10 or so for other candidates. I hope to see a lot of people marching with the Democrats and/or labor. We need everyone to be engaged.

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