Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Census is Coming

The United States Census is coming early next year. It isn't too early to start talking why it is important that everyone participate in the location they live regardless of where they came from. 

It is important that everyone including students and immigrants living in Johnson County participate and claim Johnson County, because the Census determines where $900 billion of funding goes each year. It also determines Congressional representation by each state. So I hope anyone living in Johnson County next spring participates and claims our area.

This time much of the Census will be conducted on-line. Across the Country, local governments and organizations are organizing to make computers available in public areas that people that may have difficulty participating in the Census can access. I hope we start seeing similar organizational efforts here in Johnson County.

I recently read an article on the Census in one of my work related magazines. It included this quiz. The quiz brings out some important facts about the Census.


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